I was very lucky to start my Art Career at the Design Studio of J&P Coats the Thread makers in Glasgow. Where I was taught to embroider and draw diagrams producing embroidered pictures, clothes, tablecloths etc for clients such as Harpers and Bazar, Vogue, Womans Own, The Lady etc . 

These skills I still use today in mixed media pictures using acrylic on silk then embroidering on top or using shells gathered on the beach with pearls.

I was living in Scotland near Loch Lomond National Park running my own Pottery and Ceramic Studio teaching adults and adults with learning difficulties, which was very rewarding. Where Raku was my favourite media there. I am working on building a Raku Kiln at my home studio in Porthcawl.

 Since moving to Wales in 2012 I have fallen in love with the wonderful beaches here and joined Silures Art Group and Cowbridge Art Society . I have been working on my art skills, developing collage pictures of local scenes and abstract beach pictures.

I am working just now on adding pottery pieces painted with similar scenes on plates and bowls . 
 About Gallery Arts .
Graham Anderson grandson of Norwich Artist Frederik Smith (who had taught Sir Alfred Munnings at night school) had always had a passion for the Arts and Wildlife.  Holidays with the family took him to art galleries and beautiful countryside with spectacular wildlife  and these two were always ever present in his formative years. 

After all the schooling was finished and degree collected a year of wildlife painting at the then Kenfig Local Nature Reserve gave Graham time to reflect on where his future should go . That year led to planning and Gallery Arts was established in October 1986 in Porthcawl. It was set up as an art supplies shop and a gallery  where Graham exhibited and sold his own works of art . 

The following year he started offering a picture framing service which brought in great reviews due to his eye for colour and meticulous attention to detail. Due to this success he outgrew his premises and bought a shop in Well Street where he was able to offer gallery space and exhibitions for well known Artists such as David Bellamy . Then in the early 2000’s due to a decided change in lifestyle he sold the gallery building and moved into a house and built his own studio where he still works today, concentrating on painting and framing .

This new change in lifestyle also gave him free time and a chance to follow interests that had long been unattainable . Archery was always an interest from a small boy and a chance encounter gave him a chance to shoot a longbow . This then became a passion and Graham served an apprenticeship under Rex Baddesley and became a member of the Craft Guild of Traditional Bowyers and Fletchers, having passed his submission pieces with flying colours. 

His skill with not only making longbows but shooting them successfully led to 3 Gold Medals at the IFAA UK and Isle of Ireland championships and 2 silver medals in European IFAA championships as well as many other competitions within different governing bodies. 

The newly  created Dragon Studios first Film Ironclad then required longbow archers so Graham applied and ended up as the King John’s personal Guard.  This led to a multitude of Film and TV appearances from Wrath of the Titans , Hans Solo a Star Wars  Story, Casualty, Da Vinci’s Demons and about another 60 productions of Dr Who where he was awarded an Honorary doctorate as were all who worked on that series! 

On Tour with longbows Graham met up with Sandra who was also a World and European longbow Champion and Ceramicist Artist . They teamed up and Sandra moved down from her Native Scotland along with her Pottery equipment . Temptation eventually gave way and after a 44 year gap Graham started throwing pots again and quickly re acquired the skills that some take years to learn. New chapters open and close but Graham is always up for new challenges and his paintings have won critical acclaim with Peoples Choice and Judges choice in recent Exhibitions.

A desire to now seek even wider audiences has led to this Website being created and along with his “Hairy Potter ” live facebook feeds and new You Tube Channel “The Hairy Potter ” Graham is able to share his love of the artistic and creative processes, whilst on his journey of learning and discovery.